Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why Call the Heating Contractor Now?

The summertime is here. The temperatures outside are reaching scorching temperatures and everyone is headed to the swimming pool and buying ice cream. The idea of calling your heating contractor in Columbus now seems a little silly. However, now is the perfect time to call them. First off, they are also an air conditioning company and can help you with any AC issues. Second, by calling now you can get on the schedule for the fall to have them come to your home and do a tune-up on your furnace before the long winter sets in. The longer you wait the tougher it is to get on the schedule early in the fall.

The Need for an Annual Tune-Up on Your Furnace.

Your furnace works hard during the winter and it gets used. There is natural wear and tear on the furnace through the winter and that is why you need to have a tune-up each fall before it is used for the winter. Certainly it will work without a tune-up, but it may not work for too long. Your furnace will burn cleaner and work much better if you consistently have a tune-up done each fall. If you neglect this over several years, you may end up with a broken furnace needing repair or replacement.

The Most Common Issue You Can Solve

Manufacturers recommend changing the filter on your furnace at least once a quarter. However, filter replacement is the most neglected item for homeowners in the maintenance of their home. It is not uncommon for homeowners to go several years without ever changing their filter. This is not a good idea. Plugged filters make it harder for the furnace to work and reduce the efficiency of the heating in the home. This is the simplest thing to do as a homeowner and can make the largest difference in the life and productivity of your furnace. Ask your heating contractor in Columbus for their recommendations on the best filter to use for your furnace and why. They will be more than happy to help you choose the best option in a filter.

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