Thursday, June 27, 2013

Your Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Teen Driving Safety

During the summertime, you will see a lot more teen drivers on the road. Many of these teens are new to the road and inexperienced when it comes to dealing with the high speeds of highway driving. A car accident can change the life of a teenager, especially if he or she is at fault. That is why your personal injury lawyer in Cullman offers these tips to parents with teen drivers.

Drive with Your Teen

It is true that teenagers crave freedom and want to drive everywhere that they go. While you may be more comfortable driving the car, it is important that you give your teenager plenty of opportunity to drive with you. You can use these drives as teaching experiences.
When you drive with your teen, try to stay calm during the process. If your teen gets stressed out, it will hinder their ability to pay attention on the road. You should also try not to be critical of your teen’s driving skills. Point out positive aspects of the driving experience as well as including skills that could be improved. This way, your teen will gain confidence and also improve his or her driving skills.

Don’t Tolerate Law Breaking

Drunk or unsafe driving should never be tolerated. If your child is caught drunk driving, you should take firm action that will ensure that your child will never repeat the error again. Unsafe driving such as driving too fast, texting, or disobeying traffic laws should also be rules that should be constantly enforced. Make sure that all of these rules are known beforehand. Many parents will even choose to have their teens sign a contract with terms and consequences so that the rules are known in advance.


Limit Friends in the Car

Since teenagers are so easily distracted on the road, many parents set rules about the number of friends that are allowed in a car. For the first few months of driving, it is best that young drivers do not have friends in the car. After that, limiting the number of friends to one or two friends at a time will help your teen to better focus on the road.
By setting rules about safe driving with your teenagers, you can be confident that your teenager will be a safer and smarter driver. If you have been injured in an accident because of another driver, contact your personal injury lawyer in Cullman to discuss your eligibility for compensation.

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