Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to Wash Windows Effectively

Most people have experienced trying to wash a window. It can be quite a frustrating process as the window streaks or smudges and the process must start all over again. You may be confused as to how professional window washers get the job done so easily. As long as you are smart about washing your San Mateo windows, you can have clear windows that are beautiful to look at and to look out of.

Outside Windows

You will need to fill a bucket with warm water and dish soap; only a small drop of dish soap will be needed – too much will cause the solution to streak. Remove any sliding windows that cannot be washed to be able to get both sides of the window. Remove any screens as well. You will need to clean the screens so that they do not transfer dirt to the window. Run a hose over the screen and use a small washcloth to rub the screen. Clean the sides that fit into the window and leave the screen out in the sun to dry. Grab a broom and clear away any cobwebs around the window. Next, grab a new washcloth and clean out the window tracks. When you clean the windows make sure you clean small sections of glass at a time so that water or soap does not dry on the window. First, grab a hose and rinse the glass. Then use a sponge with the soapy solution to wash down the glass and get rid of any dirt or smudges. Grab a squeegee and a dry rag. Use the squeegee to wipe down the window, drying it off with the rag after each pull. Dry the window frames with a rag and put everything back on.

Indoor Windows

Lay a towel on the floor to catch any drops of water. Dust off around the window to get rid of extra dirt. Use the sponge to wipe down the window and use a squeegee and rag to dry it immediately after. Try to keep from dripping everywhere. Grab a rag and clean any window tracks or dry any extra water around all of your San Mateo windows.

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