Friday, June 28, 2013

The Long Awaited New Elfishki iPad Storybook Is Here!‏

We are proud to announce that a new Elfishki fairy tale for iPad has arrived!  Please welcome - Elfishki and the Sea Carnival:
Flying Elfishki enjoyed the sea and often went to the beach. But once a year they put on their magical costumes allowing them to be underwater, dove into the waves and celebrated their famous Sea Carnival. 
Little Pickly and his friend Rinka enjoyed the Riddle Labyrinth and won the first prize, the Golden Seashell. But soon Pickly realized that while they were having fun, his older sister was in no mood for laughter.....
We've spent a ton of time perfecting this new storybook and added some new exciting features, such as - both English and Russian text are now Highlighted as they are being read by a professional actor!

In this new Elfishki fairy tale you will find:
1. Original, multilingual fairy tale (English and Russian) 
2. Highlighted text for easy comprehension 
3. Professional voice-over in two languages 
4. Comprehension questions on every page 
5. An educational game to keep your child engaged! 

Download the storybook here (or click on the image). 

Elfishki Sea Carnival

In other exciting news, ALL of our Elfishki storybooks will soon be include the Highlighting of the text feature!  If you already have them installed, this new feature will be absolutely Free for you!

Stay tune for further announcements or simply upgrade your Elfishki storybooks apps to the new versions once you see them in the App Store. 

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