Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things to Remember When in Need of a Criminal Attorney

Have you been charged with a crime? Use your one phone call to contact a Morgantown criminal attorney.  An experienced lawyer knows how the legal system works in West Virginia. The counselor can help you navigate through the process, and ensure that your rights are respected. Of course, that only works when you retain the services of a lawyer familiar with situations similar to yours. There are several things you can do to ensure that you receive the best possible criminal defense. Here are four tips.

Collect Referrals

Someone you know may have had dealings with a criminal defense lawyer in the past. Ask that person if the lawyer who helped them would be worth pursuing. You can also contact the local Bar Association. They maintain a list of their members and their specialty. Technically, a business, DUI, or divorce lawyer could help you, but the outcome may not be as favorable as when you hire a counselor familiar with cases similar to yours.


One of the first things you want to determine is how long an attorney has been practicing law in your state. If you want to be cleared, or at least get the charges reduced, look for aggressive attorneys with many courtroom trial success stories. Like it happens in all professions, those who have been around for quite some time know better how to plea bargain. They can cut the best deals, because they had time to cultivate professional relationships that can be helpful to your case.

Online Background Check

Know as much as you can about an attorney before making a commitment. Run his or her name through your preferred search engine. The websites with the most relevant information will be on the top of the search results. Go through these sites, and see what past clients say about this counselor. Find another candidate if you are not impressed.

Request a Consultation

Ask the attorney why you should hire him or her. Is it because the law firm offers free estimates and will join you right away after you call for help, or the peace of mind you get knowing that someone is working hard to defend your freedom? When you have been detained, arrested, or facing jail time, you do not have the luxury of time. Hire a Morgantown criminal attorney with an excellent reputation, a forceful manner, and the dedication to help you no matter how much trouble you are in.

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