Thursday, June 27, 2013

Choosing a Computer Repair Technician

Dealing with a bad Columbus computer repair technician can cost you a lot of stress. Important data can be lost, the repairs might not last, or additional damage can be done to the machine. Follow these steps to ensure that the technician you entrust with fixing your computer is well qualified for the job.


Ask about the technician’s experience working with your computer’s brand and operating system, as well as resolving the type of an issue that your machine has. Some repair shops specialize in certain issues, so you should make sure that your kind of a problem fits into that specialization. The technician should sound confident in his or her answer, and be able to explain the issue to you and describe a potential solution.


Ask how soon your will get your computer back from the shop. If the technician charges by the hour, this will be a good indication of how much you should expect to be paying as well. You can also check how many customers are in line ahead of you, and whether you can speed up the process by paying an additional fee, should you need your computer urgently. A good repair shop will not take any more than two to three days to fix your computer. Check how much it costs to back up your data, and emphasize that you want this service done before any changes are made to your system.


Be sure to check all the costs involved before submitting your computer for repair. Check if the technician charges a flat rate or has an hourly fee, and what extra expenses might be involved if new parts are needed. Many established computer repair shops provide free diagnostics, and you should find out whether yours offers this service for free. Make sure the technician informs you about the issue after the system has been diagnosed, and lets you decide whether or not to proceed with the repair. With the decreasing prices of computers these days, buying a new machine is sometimes cheaper than going ahead with the repairs.

Lastly, check if your Columbus computer repair technician offers a warranty on their work. Most reputable shops will offer a 30-day guarantee on any repairs they have done. 

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