Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Three Tips for Brainstorming Ideas of a Dream Home

Once you have finally decided to move to the Los Angeles area, it is tempting to call a real estate agent very first thing. Before contacting an agency like Partners Trust Los Angeles Real Estate, however, it is important to do some homework yourself and figure out what you are looking for in a new home. Following are three tips that will help you make your house hunting efforts more fruitful:
·         Keep communication open with your spouse, partner, or family.
·         Brainstorm ideas for a new home; use good brainstorming rules.
·         Research current market trends, and collect ideas about what you like.

Open Communication

Buying a luxurious home is a huge investment, and you want to get it right. If you have more than one person who will be moving into the home, chances are that you will not be able to please everyone completely. That is why it is so important to communicate with your spouse, partner, or family in an open, non-threatening manner. Make sure all individuals have an opportunity to express both their opinions and the reasons behind the opinion. Explain the constraints and needs of your search. Work together to find suitable compromises and to make a decision about what to buy.

Brainstorming Guidelines

Brainstorming can be a fun process if you follow the guidelines listed below:
·         Let loose and have fun; be creative in your ideas.
·         Do not discount any ideas in the first stage. Do not permit any negative comments or ridicule. These things will hinder the brainstorming process.
·         Write down the ideas and put them where everyone can see them.
·         After you have generated all the ideas you want, establish parameters about what you can and can’t have.
·         Evaluate the ideas against the parameters, and rule-out ideas any that don’t fit.
·         Prioritize the remaining items into groups of high, medium, and low.

Market Research

As you begin your search, check out current styles in homes. This includes finding out what the trends are for architectural style, furniture, d├ęcor, etc. Look through magazines; go to home shows; browse the Internet; talk to your neighbors. You can even get a lot of information about current trends from an agency such as Partners Trust Los Angeles Real Estate. Incorporate the things you like most into your prioritized list. Then give your list to a real estate agent.

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