Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to Use Peppermint Oil for Rodent Control

You’ve probably heard a fair number of stories and old wives tales about removing mice and other rodents from your home. Some tales seem likely while others seem….questionable. However, we can tell you one method that is guaranteed to be effective. Ever heard of using mint to get rid of mice? Well, this is one technique that is often preferred above other strategies, particularly using mouse traps and other messy tricks. Peppermint and other mints repel mice and keep them away. Plus, they smell great, leaving a fresh scent in your home. For tips and techniques on applying this measure for rodent control in Oakland, read on.

Peppermint Oil

Maybe homeowners purchase peppermint oil, which is concentrated oil from the peppermint plant. This oil is found in cooking and herbal stores and sections at supermarkets. Peppermint oil contains methanol and is generally more potent than peppermint extract and is therefore more effective against mice. Mice have sensitive noses, and their eyesight and hearing is poor. When they catch a whiff of strong peppermint oil, they turn the other way. To apply the peppermint oil, pour it on cotton balls and rags. Place the cotton and rags around the house in spots where you’ve seen mice or areas that you want protected from these critters. After the oil has dried out, be sure to replace the cotton balls and rags with new freshly dabbed items. You can apply the peppermint oil directly to the floor’s corners, bedding, and furniture. Some folks prefer to make a spray from peppermint oil. Combine 1 part oil to 10 parts water in a spray bottle. Spray this solution in cabinetry, under furniture pieces, along entrances (windows and doors), and anywhere else you may have seen mice.

Mint Plants

If you’re concerned with invasions coming from the outside, place mint plants around the perimeter of your house. Fortunately, mint is known for growing quite rapidly, although you’ll have to do some weeding if you want to keep the plant in one area. You can take leaves off the plant and spread them throughout your home in locations where you’ve seen mice. Make sure the leaves are preserved and kept fresh for best results for rodent control in Oakland.

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