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Recess Music Helps Kids Deliver a "Gratitude Attitude" - New CD Due Out Aug. 27‏

Recess Music - Various Artists
Gratitude Attitude 
Big Round Records 
27 August 2013


"Someone Else's Shoes gathers 15 tracks from some of the most talented artists in children's music.  The wide-ranging and contrasting styles offer lessons in empathy, friendship, and understanding differences."
-- 2012 Parents' Choice Gold Award review of Recess Music'sSomeone Else's Shoes.

"Rock and Share: That's the message your kids will get from Recess Music's compilation CD SHARE!  The album features 15 'be generous' songs from some of today's top performers for children." -- Parents Magazine

ST. PAUL, MN - With an enthusiasm sparked by the praise showered on its 2012 Parents' Choice Gold Award winning album, Someone Else's Shoes, and its March 2013 album, SHARE!Recess Musicturns to the concept of thankfulness with the August 27 release ofGratitude Attitude, the fifth in the company's "Best Foot Forward" series of CDs ($12.99, for ages 4 - 11, run time 46 minutes). 

The aim of Recess Music's "Best Foot Forward" series is to entertain while educating children and to provide families with a springboard for dialogue.  The music on Gratitude Attitude was chosen with an eye to helping children understand that their attitudes are just as important as their actions in bringing harmony and understanding to their classrooms, neighborhoods, and homes.  The album's 15 tracks showcase contributions by some of today's most gifted kids' musicians, including Bill HarleyCathy FinkRed Grammer, Nick Cope, and Debbie and Friends.

From the very first note, Gratitude Attitude invites the listener into a special world of thoughtful consideration with the easy swing ofDebbie and Friends' "I'm Glad You're Here" and continues with Red Grammer's funky, humorous, laid-back blues number, "Gratitude." Other album highlights include Bill Harley's kid-pleasing "There's a Pea on My Plate" (a song guaranteed to bring a big smile or two), andCathy Fink's folkish waltz, "Thank You."  Kathy Kallick's "Use Your Napkin Not Your Mom" points to the past with music that could sit at the Carter Family table and hilarious lyrics that do justice to the memory of Homer and Jethro.  The album wraps up its message with tuneful encouragement from Nick Cope, who declares, in his song "Best Foot Forward," that, "You put your best foot forward, and you'll be there soon."

The 2013 installment of Recess Music's "Best Foot Forward" series is a set of CDs that, together, define in music the precepts of generosity and gratitude.  Recess Music's founder/producer Nancy Doan explains, "The two Best Foot Forward albums for 2013 are, in a sense, 'bookends' to the concepts of giving and receiving.  SHARE!centers on the actions of sharing and generosity:  'What can I give to others?'  Gratitude Attitude expresses the flip side of sharing:  feeling grateful for the basic things of life like a beautiful, sunny day or a warm blanket to cuddle under at night, being gracious at the dinner table with good manners, or skipping technology occasionally and sending a thank you note to Grandma by 'snail mail.'  Gratitude is an attitude."

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