Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to Do Cement Walkway Repair

A clean, smooth cement walkway can be inviting to all those who enter your home. However, a cracked or worn out walkway has the opposite effect. Torn up cement can detract from the beauty of a home and make it appear uncared for. The cracks are often a result of drainage issues as well as wear and tear over time since cement is porous and therefore susceptible to these problems. To give visitors and guests the best impression of your property, learn how to do walkway repair in Fort Worth. To accomplish this, learn how to repair cracks and pits by putting in a new layer of cement on top of the old surface.


First, clean up the cement driveway. Spray down the surface with a hose and use a push broom to sweep away dirt, pebbles, granules, leaves, and other debris away from the cement. Use a wire brush to reach in the crevices. Allow the driveway to dry all the way. Next, get out your chisel. Make v-shapes out of the holes and cracks by hammering on the chisel on these areas. Chisel down so it reaches half the depth of the crack and so the crack is now twice as long. Sweep away the chunks and dust from the chiseled cement.

Filling in the Cracks

Measure each of the cracks you intend to fill. If the crack is shorter than half an inch in depth, then fill it up with coarse sand. The sand should be half an inch above the surface. For the deeper holes, create a paste-like mixture of cement. Then use a hose to make the cracks slightly moist. Some advise using a caulk gun to fill up these holes just a little bit over the brim. Take out a putty knife to tamp down the cement. Then scrape off the excess filler. Let the cement set for approximately 2 hours. Then take out the hose again to spray down the cement surface. Next, create some more of the cement mixture, enough to cover the entire surface with a half-inch new top. Start at one end and then work your way to the other end by spreading the cement out with a trowel. Wait 3 days, water the surface twice a day after that, and then your cement walkway repair in Fort Worth will be complete.

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