Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monetary Losses Associated with Wrongful Death

If someone you know and love passes away, the emotional cost will be great regardless of the cause of death. If the person suffered from a wrongful death, whether by the intention or negligence of a person or company, you are left feeling you have been robbed of a loved one. While a civil action won’t be able spare your emotional pain, there are a number of monetary losses that a wrongful death lawyer in Cartersville can get you compensation for.

Medical Care

Most deaths today occur in a hospital or under hospice care. This means that almost any death leaves behind big medical bills to pay. All of the surgeries, equipment, and prescriptions can add up to thousands upon thousands in bills, and those bills don’t disappear when the patient becomes deceased.

Funeral Expenses

A funeral is another expense that is often overlooked. Whether the individual had a life insurance plan or not, if another party is liable for the wrongful death, they should provide compensation to cover the funeral expenses. Funeral costs include the casket, embalming, arranging funeral services, and purchasing a burial plot. Alltogether, the average funeral costs around $7,500.

Loss of Future Earnings

If the deceased was in the work force, you may receive compensation for future earnings. If you and your family were reliant on that income, a death can leave you in a sticky financial situation. The compensation should provide you with enough time to get your feet back under you.

Pain and Suffering

A lawyer can even get you compensation for pain and suffering. Part of this compensation is intended to cover the cost of grief counseling, but money is also awarded for psychological pain and trauma. The exact compensation you receive depends largely on your situation and is up to the jury to decide.

Picking a Lawyer

Be sure to choose a wrongful death lawyer in Cartersville who is competent but also sensitive to your situation. When you’re grieving, it may seem like that last thing you want is a court battle, but with the right lawyer, you can get the compensation you deserve without adding further complications to your life.

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