Thursday, June 27, 2013

Questions You Should Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Whenever you're contemplating a divorce from your spouse, it's always a good idea to start consulting with a San Jose divorce lawyer. Take the time to find a quality lawyer to represent you and set up an initial consultation. These consultations are typically free and provide you with the opportunity to get all your questions answered. Here are some of the most important questions you should be asking before you hire the lawyer and get started on your case.
1.       How experienced is the lawyer with divorce cases? Every lawyer has a law degree, but not every lawyer is well-versed in every aspect of the law. Most lawyers will specialize in a certain portion of the law, so you'll want to make sure the lawyer you hire is dedicated their career to divorce and family law.
2.       What steps go into this whole process? Your lawyer isn't only there to represent you in a court of law, he or she is there to educate you and walk you through the whole process. Make sure you are getting clear and concise explanations about the whole thing.
3.       How does the lawyer charge you? Every lawyer seems to have a different way of billing their clients. You'll want to be sure to understand every fee and charge that's going to be associated to your case.
4.       How does the lawyer handle communication and how does the lawyer want you to reach out? Many times, lawyers will have a preferred way of communication, whether that be via email or telephone calls.
5.       How long will your case take to handle? Ask about all the possible situations you may be facing and how long each situation would pan out.
6.       Ask specific questions about your case. How does your lawyer think the judge will react to your side of things? Does your lawyer think that mediation might be a better answer?

All these questions will help you better understand your San Jose divorce lawyer and his or her way of working. By understanding your lawyer, you'll be better suited to go through the case without any crazy surprises.

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