Thursday, June 27, 2013

Concrete: The Pros and Cons

If you are looking for a new driveway, chances are that concrete in Canton, MI, is one of your biggest options to consider. Concrete is a popular material for driveways for many reasons. If you are considering using concrete for your new driveway, you should know the benefits and the consequences to using concrete. That way, you can make an educated decision and end up with a driveway that you are happy with.

The Pros

Plain concrete can be boring to look at, but concrete can easily be colored or stamped with designs to make it more interesting. You have many choices in what you want your concrete to look like, so it can be fairly unique to your home and can match the design of your home very well. Concrete driveways are long lasting as well. They can last anywhere from 20 to over 50 years, depending on how well it was installed and how well it was taken care of. The concrete driveway may even outlast your home if you take good care of it. Concrete is fairly easy to take care of – it can usually just be washed off with a hose if it gets dirty. More thorough cleaning may include using a brush and soap. If you want your driveway to last a long time, you may need to get it resealed once a year. This is not too expensive and will help your driveway last. Another great thing about concrete is that it offers a smooth ride and is great for kids and pets to run around on.

The Cons

Concrete in Canton,MI, is more expensive to get installed than asphalt or gravel. However, it is much cheaper than pavers. The material may not last as long in extreme weather conditions. It can crack under the pressure of being too hot or too cold. The cracks will only get bigger over time. Concrete can get much more expensive if you want to spruce it up by adding color or design. The cost can double for some colors and designs. A concrete driveway will not be ready immediately; you must wait a week to drive on it and a couple months to park heavy vehicles on it.

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