Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Keeping Your Air Conditioning Running Right

Your air conditioning unit is probably something you take for granted. It is always there, and all you have to do is push a button and you get cool, wonderful air. When summer starts and you begin to feel the heat, you remember how amazing it is. You often forget about it until those first days of summer. Unfortunately, if you don’t do some standard maintenance on it, you may go to turn it on and have it not work for you. If you wait until summer to take a look at it, you may end up sweating for a week or so until it’s fixed. Instead, you can beat the heat and do some maintenance on your Georgia air conditioning before it’s too late.

Change the Filters

The first thing you can do is to change the filters regularly. This will help them continue to run well. You should change your filters about every three months. This will help them stay clear of debris, dirt, or dust. If they get clogged up, you won’t get the air flow you want. This often leads people to crank up their air conditioner even more, costing them a lot of money. If you simply change the filters regularly, you will get clean, quality air.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Next, before you begin using your air conditioner for the season, you will want to clean the outdoor unit. Over the winter, leaves, trash, and other things can get stuck on and around the unit. You should clear out the area and clean off the unit as well. This will ensure that nothing is stuck or otherwise causing your unit to not work well.

Professional Maintenance

It is always less expensive to have a professional provide maintenance for your unit than it is for them to come fix it when it breaks. If you have a professional come in and check it out every year, you can help prevent it from breaking down completely. You can save yourself a lot of money and stress by letting a Georgia air conditioning company come and make sure nothing is wrong with your unit. 

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