Thursday, June 27, 2013

Signs You Need Replacement Windows

Homeowners who want their home to stay attractive and well-maintained must pay attention to the state of their windows. Not only do windows keep a home looking well-kept, they also keep the elements out. Good, quality windows should be energy-efficient and keep your heating and cooling costs at a reasonable amount. Thankfully, homeowners don't have to guess if their windows are failing them. There are certain signs that will help you make the decision if you need replacement windows in Wichita.
High Utilities
First, look at your heating and cooling bills. Are they higher than normal for the conditions you are experiencing? A window that is working well for you should be properly insulated. Over time this insulation can wear down, meaning that the seals may become loose or there could be small cracks that are creating issues. Your utility company should be able to provide you with data so you can compare your heating and cooling bills from the previous year to determine if you really are paying more although conditions haven't changed. If you do find that this is the case, you may want to consider having your windows inspected for cracks and loose seals.
Your window frames can indicate decay if you know what to look for. Homeowners can perform their own inspection by using a screwdriver to check for softness of the wood frames. Gently push the flat end of a screwdriver into the wooden frame. If the screwdriver leaves an indent, this is a sign that your frames are decaying and replacement windows are necessary.
Are your windows collecting frost or condensation? Windows that are in good condition should not collect frost or condensation. While it is normal for frost to occur on a window if the temperature inside the house is quite a bit warmer than the temperature outside, especially if the window is under a vent or you are making dinner, it is not normal on a regular basis. If this is happening to your windows, it is best to call in a professional. They will inspect your windows and determine if replacement windows from Wichita window companies are necessary.

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