Sunday, June 23, 2013

We Love The Seafood Dive In Brandon, Florida

We love the food at the Seafood Dive in Brandon, Florida. We apologize about the pictures, we were so hungry, we ate most of the food before I finally took the pictures. This was our second time to the Seafood Dive. My wife and I shared the platter that had fish, shrimp, scallops, a few clams, french fries and cole slaw. My son had the kid's shrimp dinner and my daughter had a chicken sandwich. We all had drinks and we had one small cup of clam chowder. The only thing we didn't like was the clam chowder. The meal cost us $35 and we were all full after we were finished. The food was delicious and we devoured every morsel. The place was crowded, but the service was friendly and fast. Check this place out, the Seafood Dive is at the corner of 60 and Parsons Ave. It is worth the trip if you have an appetite for good seafood at a reasonable price.

Dave in on the left, he is the General Manager at the Seafood Dive. The other guy was our waiter, as you can see he is very friendly.

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