Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Preparing For Hurricanes Is A Normal Thing In Florida

We live about 14 miles from Tampa. Each year, we prepare for hurricanes and other storms. Our home is rated against 120 mile winds and our new back porch is rated against 140 mile winds. We have had parts of hurricanes and have been through tropical storms. We have also dealt with some major thunder storms where the electricity goes off and you are left in the dark. We try to make sure we always have tons of water available, lights to help us see in the dark, batteries and canned foods. You never know what you will face in Florida, so it is smart to prepare.
You need light and batteries, we have two lanterns and a huge flashlight. Candles can be more dangerous than they are worth, but can be used in a pinch
we have two water machines with five gallon water bottles. we still have to stock up on cases of water. drinking water is a must when a big storm is coming your way

stock up on those canned goods because without power, your fridge will do you no good. Make sure you have a regular can opener or hand can opener. When you are closer to the ocean, you have to do even more preparation for hurricanes. We are prepared to leave if we have to go. Always be prepared for those big storms because they are prepared to ruin your day. It is also a good idea to have your car filled up with gas, in case you have to leave. Make sure you know where the emergency shelters are.

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