Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Learning From Car Problems

Over the past weekend I was working at the Central Florida Fair. On Saturday night I left the fairgrounds at 10:30 stopped at a gas station to top off  my gas tank so I did not have to stop on my way home(2 hours away).Shortly after, I noticed my temp gauge was almost in the red zone and panic started to set in. Well I made my way to a RaceTrac gas station and bought 3 quarts of antifreeze and had to put almost all three quarts into my over flow bottle,started my car and the temp came down to normal and let out a big sigh of relief because I knew that I could drive home instead of riding home with a tow truck driver.I  arrived  home safely and got  a good night's sleep the next day I learned how to change a thermostat on my hurting  2004 Dodge Neon. The guys at my local Auto Zone were very helpful in having my parts in stock but also in showing me how to do what needed to be done.I could have had it done at a garage down the street but wanted to learn something new Thanks to helpful advice I completed the job in about 1 hour and saved myself about a hundred bucks which I used to take my wife to Red Lobster but more on that later.             Don't ever   be afraid to learn something new.

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