Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fear And Anxiety

An Erupting Volcano
A volcano erupts
into thoughts of uncontrollable fear
my heart races
like a gazelle running from a predator
I gasp for fresh air
when oxygen surrounds me
a mountain of flowing lava
burns into my soul
I am at the mercy
of this savage beast
it fills my every thought
taking complete control of my life
thunder roars at me
as lightning strikes
at the very core of my being
pulling me away from my own sanity
I struggle to survive
in a world filled with quick sand
my life is overtaken by monsters
and all sorts of unGodly things
where is the hope
amongst all this despair?
finally, I open up my eyes
and a teardrop falls like rain
when my vision clears
colors form into the cloudy sky
reminding me of promises
of days to come

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