Monday, June 24, 2013

The Butterfly Bakery Review

The Butterfly Bakery sent me a package with delicious baked goods. I received slice lemon citrus creme cakes and double chocolate chip muffins. When I saw Sugar Free on the package, I was a little nervous because I never tried Sugar Free products before. We tried the lemon citrus creme cakes first. Wow! The cakes were delicious and we went through them quickly. My kids loved the lemon citrus creme cakes and we sad when they were gone. My wife even took a bite and she does not eat cake. I was surprised how good the cakes tasted, fresh, like my grandmother used to make.

We also tried the double chocolate chip muffins. I was also surprised with the taste. The Butterfly Bakery says they make everything with 100% Love!  I believe them because their products are delicious. The Butterfly Bakery has a group of delicious products to choose from. They list them in categories; sugar free, no sugar added, gluten free, lite and whole grain... and remember they make all of their products with love.

words from the company themselves

That’s right, your needs are forever changing and The Butterfly Bakery is here to make sure you can still live deliciously. We have been in the kitchen cooking up some new dietary restrictive treats that we can’t wait to share. But let’s take the word restrictive and replace it with indulgent... that’s better. You deserve to indulge even if you are watching your sugar, staying away from gluten, counting calories or just making a lifestyle choice to eat healthier.
At The Butterfly Bakery we Promise to continue Bringing you the best tasting Baked goods out there. What makes Butterfly different? Maybe it’s because everything we bake is made with 100% love. Ypu can taste it... really. We use only the finest ingredient and the freshest fruit nectars to sweeten and enchance the flavors of every product we bake. Everything from our muffins to our cookies have that little something special. When you open a box of Butterfly Bakery goodies. . . it’s like getting a hug.

The Butterfly Bakery. Made with 100% love.

BrendaFounder& CEO

Make sure you check out The Butterfly Bakery products, you will love them because they really are made with 100% love......

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