Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bail Bonds Can Get You Released Fast

Being faced with the prospect of being incarcerated is daunting and terrifying. In order to prepare for your trial, you need to be able to work to pay for your defense and to meet at will with your attorney. If you don't have the funds to pay your bail, companies that offer bail bonds in Honolulu, Hawaii, can help.
Fast Service

If you anticipate your arrest or plan to turn yourself in because you have an outstanding warrant, contacting a bail bonds company will ensure your quick release. You won't have to sit in a cell overnight or wait until the next morning. When you are able to make arrangements to pay your bail prior to being charged and booked, your release could happen immediately. The reason that these types of companies can get you released fast is due to the well-established relationships they have with the various law enforcement officials.

Bond Rules

Contacting a bondsman can be just as scary as the prospect of being arrested, but the process is straightforward and simple as long as you follow the rules of Hawaii and the stipulations of the bond company you choose. First, you must choose a bondsman that is licensed and insured. This is mandated by the State of Hawaii. Second, in order for the bond to be accepted by the courts you must assure the courts in writing that you will appear for all of the court proceedings related to your trial. Failure to abide by these stipulations could result in your bail being revoked and any funds that the bail bonds company put up on your behalf would be forfeited.

Costs of Service

When choosing a company to post bail for you keep in mind that they are not simply loaning you money without expecting something back in return. Bails bonds in Honolulu, Hawaii, do require that their clients pay a percentage of the bail back to the company to compensate them for their time, effort, and usual business expenses associated with your case. Not all companies charge the same percentage. So if you are prearranging your bail, it is in your best interest to call several companies in order to get the best rate.

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