Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When You Need IT Support In Utah

My brother in law went to college to become a computer expert. He began working in IT and made a pretty good living in Cebu. He saw an ad in the paper, the US was searching for IT experts to help them in Afghanistan. He applied for the job and went to Afghanistan for a year. He had to pass a bunch of security checks before they actually put him on a plane, but he passed everything with flying colors. My brother in law spent a year in Afghanistan helping the US military. He enjoyed the job, was paid well and lived through some dangerous situations. He told me that Afghanistan was never completely safe, even in our military green zones. Now he is back in Cebu working his old job. He used the money he made to get a good start with his new wife in the Philippines.

I took a trip to Utah to help out one of our companies. We were doing a lot of accounting work and fixing a ton of mistakes. Something went wrong and I called my brother in law in Cebu. He told me what the problem was, but it could not be fixed over the phone. He told me to use my cell phone and search for it support Utah, this should hook me up with somebody who could help. I hung up with my brother in law and did what he told me. The people on the phone were very nice. I told them what was wrong and they said they would send somebody out to fix the problem. With the problem fixed, we were able to finish our work that night. The next morning I got back on a plane and came home. 

My brother in law wants to come to the US and use his talent to help a company here. He hopes his time helping the military will help him make it. I hope he comes here too because I can use his help. I have all kind of projects that have his talent written all over them. He is a good guy, intelligent and ready to work. These are the types of people you hope to find when you hook up with an IT company. Parts of me wonder if I should go back to school to get a basic knowledge of the technology I have to work with every day.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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