Monday, April 22, 2013

Washdrops Eco Friendly Car Wash Products Review And Giveaway 5/5/2013

We are a family that believes Earth Day should be all year round. We try to save water, we collect aluminum cans and we put newspapers, bottles and such to into the container to be picked up and recycled. I am always looking for ways to save our environment and go green. We are trying to do our part to save our earth and we hope you do to. We plan to plant two or three new trees this year.

The Washdrops Company sent me an assortment of products to wash my car. The most important ingredients were their Washdrops, below will tell you a bit about this Eco Friendly cleaner.
these are the products Washdrops sent to me to wash our car....

Finally… there is a quick, easy and environmentally responsible way to wash your vehicle!
Washdrops is a NEW unique Wash and Shine Solution. Use only one bucket, no hose, no rinse! You can wash any average-sized vehicle anywhere with only one gallon of water and one fluid ounce of Washdrops powerful yet gentle proprietary scientific formula. Plus, Washdrops leaves a beautiful shine!
Washdrops helps comply with the US  Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Water Act. It is biodegradable, solvent-free, butyl free, phosphate free, ammonia free. Washdrops is completely non-hazardous – you can even dispose of Washdrops on a lawn or flowerbed.

Today is Earth Day and it is about time we all took better care of the only planet we have to live on. In Florida, it seems like we are always going through a drought. We live on a lake and the lake is slowly drying up. We have been here nine years and our lake it losing some of its beauty. You Can buy Washdrops on Amazon

When I was given a chance to try Washdrops, I jumped at the opportunity. The product came in the mail and my children and I decided it was time to wash our car. We used about one ounce of the Washdrops product in a bucket and added two gallons of water. My children and I washed the car and dried it. I was amazed at how well the Washdrops cleaned the car. The car was cleaned much better than it was with regular car cleaning products we buy from the store. The best part was we saved a ton of water and my children had fun. I used the dirty water and watered my tree. This is the best Eco-Friendly product I have ever had an opportunity to use. This is likely why Washdrops won the Green Award 2012 Product of the year.
I had no idea how this product would work, but it worked great. Washdrops is an Eco-Friendly car wash product that really does the job right. I was sent this product to review, but the opinions and review of this product are my own opinion. Trust me, you will also love this product. Happy Earth Day, Do Your Part To Make Our Planet Beautiful!
The Giveaway: The Winner will receive all the products listed below, a complete kit to clean your car or cars:
Washdrops prize pack.

I've included a picture of the prize, valued at $50. It includes
1) Washdrops 16 Washes & Shines 16 oz. bottle – Valued at $8.99
2) Washdrops 4 Washes & Shines 4 oz. bottle – Valued at $ 2.99
3) Washdrops single-use 1 oz. sample pouch – Valued at $ 1.00 (six samples)
3) Large Micro-Fiber Drying Towel – Valued at $ 12.99
4) One Microfiber 2 in 1 Chenille / Bug Scrubber Sponge - Valued at $5.99
5) Long Handle, Hub Cap brush – Valued at $7.99
6) Microfiber towels 3-pack – Valued at $5.99
7) Folding bucket (2.4 gallons capacity) – Valued at $5.99

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