Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dealing With Junk Mail

I love email, but usually get junk mail. Sadly, when I go to my mailbox, junk mail. I have accounts with Yahoo and MSN, they both have junk mail sorters, but I still get the junk mail. The sad thing is now your email account monitors everything you do on the web. If you look something up on Google, junk mail visits your email account.

Who knows what the future of the internet will be. I know I will still be sitting here waiting for my mail. I am sure when I go to the mailbox, there will be tons of junk mail. We waste more paper through junk mail than any of us could possibly fathom. Will Yahoo and MSN continue to send me all of this junk mail? I think so because the people behind these companies really believe I will buy their stuff.

Gotta go, the mailman just came and I see a notification that I may have some email in my inbox. Maybe this time, it will be something cool. I know you don't believe me, you think they are planning on sending me some more Junk Mail.............

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