Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Wife Loves To Check Out Cute Women's Sweaters

My wife is from Cebu and she is very conservative. On the other hand,, she loves woman's clothing. She likes to look beautiful in cute womens sweaters and she fits the part perfectly. When I first met her, I noticed how she carried herself. She is very conservative, but she is also a woman. Our media has tried to make us believe woman have to show certain body parts to be beautiful. The other misinformation is showing us overly skinny woman and trying to make us believe that is the norm. If our society bases their belief system on television, we are in a heap of trouble. My wife's conservative principles are one of the many reasons I am attracted to her. Real woman do not have to wear skimpy clothing to look beautiful. Showing the world everything you have, just does not do it for me. I would rather spend my time with a woman who only shares personal things with the man she loves.

We have all walked through the mall and saw those shops selling all of the woman's revealing clothing. They also try to fool our teens into believing revealing clothing is the way to go. I have a teen and I know she does not need help picking our her own fashions. She can take conservative clothing and look better than the girls that show everything to the entire world. Revealing clothing does not make a woman beautiful. A beautiful woman is made from the inside out and she shows her beauty in everything she does. We need to encourage our children to grow up opposite the norm. Don't dress like all the girls on television. Take a cute sweater, match it with other cute conservative clothes and come up with your own conservative style. I am glad my wife is conservative. I am also glad she takes care of herself and loves to beautiful in her own way. One day, we will all get old and revealing clothes will not do anything for any of us. We will wish everybody was still conservative.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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