Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Make Sure You Change Your Damaged CV Joints

I had no idea what CV Joints were until I heard clicking in the front of my car. My friend is a mechanic, so I decided to have him check it out. I went to the local car repair shop and their cost was incredible. I wanted a second opinion. My friend is honest and he knows a lot about cars. I called him up, he answered on the second ring. I told Doug what was wrong and he told me to bring the car to his house. He looked it over and he agreed the CV Joints were shot. I asked Doug, what it meant. He told me that eventually the axle would fall apart if I did not have them changed. I asked him if he could do it and he said sure. We ordered the parts from a reputable company and my friend fixed my car. I learned a real lesson about my car and I am ready if this happens to me in the future.

I have friends all around the world who drive vehicles. My wife has family in the Philippines who drive taxis for a living. I talked to them about the CV Joints and they told me they have had them changed a few times. They also told me it is hard to find a reputable repair shop in the Philippines, so they do it themselves. I talked to friends in Sweden, who said the same thing. Finally, I talked to a few friends in New Zealand, they had a different story. They told me they know of a company that is a Metal Fabrication company who makes really good CV Joints and axles. The company has a great reputation and warranty. I hope you learned more about CV Joints than you knew before you read my article. One piece of warning to you, if you hear that clicking noise, make sure you change your CV Joints before your axles fall apart.

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