Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Bought The Dependable Honda Accord

I was tired of driving broke down cars. I had so many beaters and I was getting sick of it. It got so bad, the one car actually had a hole in the engine. I tried to drive it to work and all the oil leaked out and the engine blew. I had to find a better car or I was going to go crazy. You don't completely understand what it means to have a dependable car until you drive a beater. This was the last straw. If I didn't buy a dependable car soon, I would lose my job. I decided to look up on the internet to see if I could find a reasonable Honda Accord. It worked, I actually found a Honda Accord that I could afford. The car looked good, had low mileage and had the leg room I was hoping for. Most importantly, I finally had a car I could depend on. I had friends who owned Accords and they told me this car would last me a long time.  They were glad I finally bought a dependable car because they did not want to see me lose my job.

The next day I drove my car to work. All of my friends looked at me, looked at my car and smiled. I finally upgraded into a car I could depend on. I drove this Honda Accord for years and it never broke down. I just made sure I changed the oil every three thousand miles and kept up with the maintenance. My father told me to always buy American cars. I know a Honda Accord is not designed in America, but it is a very dependable. I am tired of driving beaters that always break down. That is why I bought the Honda Accord in the first place. In my opinion, I think it is more important to buy a dependable car than worry where it was designed. I believe there are plants in America that put Honda Accords together anyway. These plants hire American workers and they are paid very well for their work. I am very glad I decided to buy a Honda Accord. As long as they run well, I will be a return customer. If you are tired of driving vehicles that break down, try out a Honda Accord. They run well for a long time and are worth the money you pay for them.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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