Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Croods, Made For Children, Fit For Adults

The Croods is a fun family movie that actually surprised me. I expected a fun family movie, what I got was a fun family movie that was hilarious. The Croods is a story about a cave family that is afraid of everything. The   father Grug (played by Nicholas Cage) sole purpose is to protect his family from the dangerous world that surrounds them. All of their neighbors have been killed in one way or another. They only come out of their cave to get food.

Grug's teenage daughter is getting tired of being stuck in the cave, she goes out on her own and meets Guy (played by Ryan Reynolds) He shows her fire and tells her the world will be coming down all around them. They need to get to the mountains. The movie is filled with humor. Grug is always upset when his mother in law survives. His son Thunk (played by Clarke Duke) is a mental midget (without a brain) a true caveman.

The family leaves their cave (which is destroyed) to go on an adventure of a lifetime. With the guidance of Guy, they will go on a dangerous journey of life and death. He teaches the last Caveman family how to survive out of their cave. They learn how to love and how to show their true feelings to each other. The movie is filled with great animation and tons of unexpected humor. Two thumbs up for The Croods. The Croods was made for children and is fit for adults.

Emma Stone plays Eep
Catherine Keener plays Ugga
Cloris Leachman plays Gran

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