Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Planning To Check Out The Chevy Equinox On My Way To Chicago

If you have been checking our my blog, you know about my love for cars. My first fun car was a 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo. The car looked good, was in mint condition and had incredible power. I could pass nearly everybody on the highway. The only problem was as you watched your speed climb, you could also see your gas gauge falling. It was funny to see the car suck down gas in big huge gulps. I eventually sold the car because the price of gas soared and I did not have the money to keep the car roaring. Lately, I have been looking for more adds about Chevy vehicles online. I made a search for chevy equinox wheeling il   on my last trip towards Chicago. Let me tell you why I made that particular search. 

I am no longer a single man. I am happily married with children and my wife could care less about fast and cool cars. She is tired of driving in small cars and has her eyes set on a SUV. She saw an Equinox on the road and told me she loved the way it looked. She wouldn't mind going to a dealership and checking one out for the family. She wants a vehicle that is comfortable and has plenty of room for the entire family. She also wants a double DVD player in the back to keep the kids quiet on long trips. She had the vehicle picked out in her own mind, but I wanted to look one over for myself. The thing I think is cool about the Equinox is the gas mileage. Chevy is claiming you can get 22 MPG in the city and 32 MPG on the highway. IF this is true, this would be a great vehicle to buy for my family.

I actually checked out the Chevy Equinox. The vehicle was roomy and seemed to be put together quite nicely. I noticed the vehicle was a 4 cylinder, but am told it still has decent power. I will spend some time looking at some reviews of the newest model to see what other people thing about it. I never buy a new vehicle without checking out everything first. When I am done my research, I will actually take my wife to check it out in person.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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