Monday, April 15, 2013

Spice Up Your Italy Vacation with Creative Tours

Whether you are a sworn epicure or not, food happens to makes an Italian vacation worthwhile. The diverse Italian menu offers a lot to satisfy all kinds of taste buds. There are now a number of creative tours that will take you on an interesting journey that will involve a lot of adventure, sightseeing and cooking.
Yet, finding interesting and creative tours during your Italian culinary vacations is ten times more confusing than deciding on the list of art galleries you should visit during your stay. To help you with that confusion, we have created a list of creative tours that will spice up your vacation, especially if you love food or want to learn how to cook Italian meals.
Private Tour of Florence
The tour of Florence allows you to experience the true brilliance and magnificence of Italy along with your family. You can visit the famous Pitti Palace, Uffizi museum, Piazzale Michelangelo, Michelangelo David’s museum and Giotto’s Bell tower among many other historical places. 
Private Tour of Pisa and Lucca
There are things you must see to believe, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of them. The elegant town of Pisa and Lucca offers the most amazing examples of Romanesque art in Italy. Take a private tour of Pisa and Lucca and both streets will take you back to the streets of 16th century Italy. You can also visit the beautiful churches and shop for souvenirs while you’re there.
Private Tour of Forte Di Marmi and Viareggo
Revitalize yourself in the warm sandy beaches of the Tuscan Rivera with a Private Tour of Forte Di MArmi and Viareggo. Fort Di Marmi is a resort near the beautiful coast. You can enjoy a delicious seafood meal with your family after visiting the magnificent Carrara marble caves.
Private Tour of Assisi
Visit the historic temple of Minerva, the Roman Amphitheatre and the lush green valleys of the town of Assisi.  The private tour will take your family to a number of famous castles and churches in the region. Most of the buildings are brilliant examples of gothic art.
Private Tour of Cinque Terre
A family tour to Cinque Terre will introduce you to the beautiful coastal towns of Liguria. Cinque Terre is a National Park protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can even travel in the train that joins these towns together.
Shopping Tour
Prada, Gucci, Armani, YSL and all the famous brands you can think of will welcome you at the Mall. The shopping tour will make sure that you and your family does not leave Italy without a few designer brand shopping bags in your hands. 
Hot Air Balloon Tour
Hot air ballooning tours provide the most adventurous way to witness and appreciate everything that is beautiful about Italy. You can even enjoy a luxurious breakfast along with sparkling champagne during your journey in the sky.
Truffle Hunting and Olive Oil Mill Tour
There is a saying that you can’t leave Tuscany without eating a truffle. Hunting for truffles, however, is even more fun. Truffle hunting and olive oil mill tours allow you to enjoy a tasteful and delightful trip in company of a master Tuscan chef.
With these creative tours, you will soon discover that historic art, untouched nature and exotic food can offer a great break from the hustle and bustle of a modern life.
Paige One writes about traveling and would love to visit Italy one day! 

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