Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dealing With School Burnout – Recharging Your Batteries

If you’re dealing with school burnout, don’t feel frustrated because everyone goes through it once in a while. Whether you are getting a new degree or going back to school online, school burnout is bound to happen a time or two. Symptoms of feeling overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel include lack of sleep, family issues, not making enough time to exercise, not managing your time well, and setting goals that are not realistic. If you’re stressed out and are losing an interest to get any school work done, it’s time to re-examine the situation. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and not able to get your school work done on time, figure out how to recharge your batteries. Come up with a system that will help you succeed at school and not flounder.
Get Enough Sleep
This is a fairly simple tip that many students choose to ignore. If you’re not getting enough rest, chances are you won’t be able to retain as much information during your class or prior to an exam. If you’re waiting until the last minute to get things done or to study, plan your schedule ahead of time and figure out what is keeping you up at night. Getting sleep on the weekends and not during your weekdays simply isn’t going to cut it.
Ask Questions in Class
If you’re not sure what to expect in a difficult class, ask a lot of questions before and during class. Quiz your fellow classmates and discover how the professor teaches, and when the opportunity presents itself, don’t be shy to ask questions in class. That way there will be no surprises when the test rolls around – you’ll be fully prepared! The same goes for taking online classes and if you’re an introvert; asking questions online instead of in a public school setting should be a lot easier. If you are currently taking an online course and have many questions about your classes and curriculum, ask a lot of questions to your classmates and professor up front so you know what the class will entail.
Take Outstanding Notes
Taking detailed notes will definitely help eliminate stress later on in the semester when exams come up. If you have detailed notes and you have been studying regularly, then reviewing and studying for an accumulative exam should be less intimidating. The key is to plan ahead, take great notes, ask a lot of questions, and get a lot of sleep. If something isn’t working and you’re getting burned out – recharge your batteries!

About the Author:  Sierra is a recent graduate who understands the pressure of taking tests and hopes to help by sharing her experiences with others. She recommends checking out the University of the Sciences Online Programs

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