Monday, April 8, 2013

Facts About Tipping

If you are in the service industry, you know tipping is important. Without tips, some of us would not be able to pay our bills. I used to be a valet, good tip for a valet is $2 or more. Now, I deliver pizza and I am an in the stands beer vendor. Good tip for a beer is $1, good tip for pizza delivery is $3. I tell you this basic information, just in case you have no idea about tipping.

Many people think the pizza delivery guy is rich. Have you bought gas lately? Did you know many pizza places only pay the driver $4.50 per hour while they are on the road, expecting you to pay the rest of their salary? Did you know an in the stands beer vendor does not get a salary. We receive a commission and depend on your tips to survive.

Did you know illegal aliens love pizza delivery and would not know what a tip was if the pizza delivery guy turned around and tipped the illegal alien?

Did you know church goers are less likely to tip and more likely to ask for more service than the average person? A Catholic tips better than a protestant. Is this because Catholics drink beer and many protestants do not believe in drinking beer?

Did you know you are not likely to get a tip from somebody who wears prison pants, whether they are white, African American, Asian or Spanish?

Fact: Thank you, have a good night, I appreciate you are all not tips

Many people in the service industry do not even receive minimum wage and depend on you to pay their bills. Do you have to tip? No, there is no obligation. However, if somebody gives you good service it is actually an insult to not tip them. To all of the thousands of customers who have tipped me over the years, thank you very much...

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