Monday, April 1, 2013

Bare Fruit Review And Giveaway 4/15/2013

Bare Fruit was nice enough to send me a bag of their bare fruit, which is actually bare fruit apple cinnamon chips in a large bag. This is the kind of snack I need, since I am on a diet to lose twenty pounds. These cinnamon apple chips are a healthy snack which are 100% organic, bake-dried, have no added sugar, no preservatives and are gluten free.

Bare Fruit LLC is located Washington State, in the heart of apple country. They have been providing healthy snacks throughout the US for almost ten years. Think you have heard of the company before? You probably have! Their products have been featured in publications such as Redbook, Parents, and Bloomberg Businessweek. This company has been around for nearly ten years and are the leading apple chip brand in the US.

Bare Fruit Chips are healthy and delicious, my son love the taste. Each 14 ounce bag has 30 Washington State Apples in the bag, that's a lot of fruit. As I write, I have been sitting here eating these delicious chips. These are the kind of chips you can eat and not feel like you are ruining your health or your diet.

Why you should Eat Bare Fruit:    

- USDA organic
- gluten free
- trans- fat free
- GMO free (that means the product is not genetically modified)  
- cholesterol free
- lactose free
-preservative free  
- no sugar added
- Kosher  
Great Tasting!

My Kids Need To Eat More Snacks Like This.


 Bare Fruit has generously offered one of my readers a case of Bare Fruit!  

How do you enter? It's easy! 

Bare Fruit has created an entry form on their Facebook page just for Creative Me readers to fill out. They are making the giveaway much easier for me. All you need to do is “like” the Bare Fruit page and then enter your name and email address in the form provided and you will be entered to win. Giveaway starts on 4/2 and ends on 4/15. You will be notified by email if you are the winner and you will get to pick your own choice of flavor. They have Cinnamon, Fuji Red and Granny Smith....

Enter the giveaway here!  You Will Really Love Bare Fruit

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