Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Think I Am A Blog Hopper

What Is A Blog Hop?-You hop on over to somebody else's blog and you say hi. You can add them on GFC, like them on Facebook or even add them on Google+. If you are like me, you like to visit and to have people visit you. They say these blog hops help your blog grow. I am not sure about this type of stuff because I am not an expert.

What Do You Do When You Blog Hop?- I am one of those types of people who do ten things at once. Today, I am visiting sites, watching Body Of Proof through my DVR and eating Frito's with Cedar's Spinach Dip-the dip is made with Greek yogurt (which I hate), but actually tastes good in this particular dip. I am drinking Diet Pepsi (don't tell my doctor because he tells me it is the worst thing I could ever drink). I am also checking my email and replying on Facebook.

Why?-Each day I learn new things about blogs. My teenage daughter helped me start my blog 18 months ago. She told me a few things about blogs and then let me at it. Whenever I asked a question, she told me to look it up on Google, here's to you Megan. I'm still learning by searching for answers on Google. Last week, I learned how to get over 200 friends on Facebook, this week I hope to connect with a bunch of people through blog hops. Hope you hop back over and say hello

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