Saturday, April 6, 2013

There Should Be More Privacy In Public Bathrooms

I have worked in a bunch of professional sports stadiums. When you go in the men's room, there are no dividers between men. There is no privacy. At times, you can have twenty to thirty men using the facilities at the same time. This is the same in many malls and some restaurants. This has been making me wonder because I am a straight man, married with kids. What will the future bring.

Gay marriage is a huge topic in America. Many are for it, many are against it. There is an agenda to change the types of marriages we have in our country. Some states already allow Gay Marriage and the Supreme Court is making their own rulings about it.

Our world is changing all around us. We don't always have a choice about these changes. I don't believe Gay Marriage is a good idea, but I also believe all American people have the same rights. I find our problems starting in the public bathrooms. I am just like that because I like my privacy. I believe each individual should have their privacy. I also believe gay people should keep their personal lives to themselves. In the same way, my wife and I do not share our personal lives with anybody.

Will there be change our bathrooms or will they remain the same. I feel a little uncomfortable not knowing who is standing a foot away from me. This is why I will often use the stalls where there is a little bit of privacy. I know many people don't care about the same things I care about. I do however believe that if we are going to give the same rights to all types of people in our country, don't forget the conservative guy who would like a little bit more privacy in local bathrooms. I have a feeling (in the future) bathrooms will change in a very unique way.

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