Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Finding A New Dentist After An Anxious Experience

I always cringe when I think about going to the dentist. I believe it comes from that whine of the drill and the pain I had in the past at the dentist. I remember one day when I went to the dentist. He put the needle into my gums and told me my face would get numb. He began to drill my teeth to make room for a filling. Suddenly, I felt horrible pain in the tooth that was being drilled. Tears ran down my face and I screamed out in pain. The dentist stopped drilling my tooth and asked me what was wrong. I told him I felt everything in my tooth. I could feel him drilling my tooth and it hurt really bad. He told me that the numbing medicine must not have worked. He decided to give me laughing gas to help with the problem. He finished the drilling and filling my tooth with a new filling. He apologized for the pain and told me it would not happen again.

I knew it was time to find a dentist. I looked up some places including Tooele Dentist on the internet. I was afraid to call another dentist because of the pain I felt in my tooth. It took me months to finally call another dentist and make an appointment. I did not want to deal with the same kind of situation again. When I finally made my appointment, I had a talk with the dentist. I told him about my experience and he told me it would never happen there. He said they asked each patient if they were numb before they worked on their teeth. He also told me he ordered a new drill that has less of a whine than the drills I was used too.

The first appointment was to get x-rays of me teeth. The dentist told me about a few problems I had and what they could do for me. He said they would begin with a good cleaning, this way I could get used to the place. After the cleaning, I could make another appointment if I felt comfortable enough. I arrived at the cleaning, the girl was very nice. She cleaned my teeth and told me about my teeth. She informed me that it would be smart for my to buy an electric toothbrush. After the appointment, I felt very comfortable with the dentist. He even showed me how the new drill worked. I look forward to my next appointment because I believe this new dentist really cares about me and my teeth.

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