Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Twitter Experiment And Making Money

I write for Associated Content, now called Yahoo Voices. I should say, I used to work for the company. I have nearly 1900 articles on their site. You get paid by how many page views you get from your articles. I love history and I decided to write articles about each state. I call them 15 Of The Most Famous People From a particular state. I began with Alabama two years ago and did my fifteenth state last year. Here is what I use Twitter and how I make money.

I write one of my articles about every four months. I put them on Associated Content and work my Twitter magic. I took these fifteen articles and clicked them through Twitter once a day to see what happened. My earnings on Yahoo Voices averaged about twenty five dollars the first few months. I decided to try sending my articles through Twitter twice a day. In the past three months, I have averaged around 70 dollars per months. The Twitter experiment is working. I am just about ready to finish writing my sixteenth 15 Most Famous People From A Particular State. I am hoping once I reach all fifty states, my earnings will skyrocket. I will keep you informed about my Twitter Experiment. Try it out yourself and see how it works for you.....

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