Monday, April 23, 2012

Time To Prepare For My Daughter's Birthday In June

My daughter will be six in June. She wants to have a birthday party and invite her friends from school. She has never had a birthday party with friends and this is really important to her. She talks about her birthday nearly every day and she looks forward to turning six years old. We need to get birthday invitations soon because June will be here before we know it. My daughter is so excited about her birthday and looks forward to the moment when she opens the door and invites her friends into our house.

The gift list for my daughter is impossible. She wants more stuff than we could ever afford. She wants the usual toys, a DSL and even an iPad of her own. We will get her some nice gifts, but she still doesn't understand how much things costs. If we got her all of the things she wanted for her birthday, we would have to take out a loan. Little girls like mine are fun, but they expect a lot and when they don't get it, they often get emotional.

The good thing is my daughter will be satisfied with the gifts she gets on her birthday. She has huge dreams, but she knows her family is not rich and they love her. She will be happy with her gifts as long as her friends are here to celebrate her birthday with her. We will be getting the birthday invitations soon because my daughter wants to fill them out herself for her friends.

I look forward to June and my daughter's birthday. She is growing up so fast, so we want to enjoy every minute we can with her. This birthday is important to her, but what she doesn't realize yet is it is just as important to her parents. We look forward to the memories of this birthday and every birthday to come.

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