Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We Found A Cool New And Used Car Website On Our Trip To Utah

My brother and I love to look at new and used cars, it's a hobby we share. We took a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah a couple of months ago. When we travel, we look for the best new and used car websites, so we can indulge in our hobby. We found a cool new and used car website called Shop 4 Used Cars dot com that had all of the information to feed our hobby. We looked up some places and were ready to check out some cool new and used cars.

We went to Ken Garff Honda Downtown in Salt Lake City because my brother saw a Honda Ridgeline he wanted to check out. I went along for the ride even though I am not a huge fan of the Ridgeline. We took a taxi from the hotel and were dropped off right in front of the dealership. The salesman was cool and he showed us the Honda Ridgeline we saw on the website. He also showed us some other cool vehicles we did not see on the site. He said they just got them in the other day and did not have time to put them online. I was tempted to buy a Mini-Cooper, but home was far away and I didn't want to have to ship the car all the way to Florida. We are often tempted by cool cars we see on the road.

The salesman said he was going to another Ken Garff dealership and asked if we wanted to check out some of the new cars they got in. The place was called Ken Garff Volvo and they just got some cool Jags in from the Salt Lake City area. We checked them over and my brother was the one who was tempted this time. He found an Jag that he wanted more than anything. We held off buying because of the distance, but made plans to drive back in the future to try to make a deal with the excellent salesman we met at the place. If you are in Utah and you love cars, you will have to check out this excellent website. It has links to some of the best cars you can buy in the Salt Lake City are.

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