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15 Famous People From Alaska

Alaska is a place where many famous people are from. These are fifteen famous people who are from the beautiful state called Alaska. This is a new series about famous people who were born or from particular states. The second of the series will be famous people from Alaska. These are not all the famous people who were born or from Alaska. These 15 famous people from Alaska were chosen at my discretion.

Irene Bedard-Irene Bedard was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1967, she was the for the main character in the animated Disney film Pocahontas, she has portrayed Native American people in many films, her heritage is Inupiat Inuit and Metis
Benny Benson-Benny Benson was born in Chignik, Alaska in 1913, at the age of thirteen, Benny won a contest for his design for the flag of Alaska, and he died in 1972 from a heart attack.
Carlos Boozer-Carlos Boozer was born in Germany in 1981 (his father was in the military), but actually grew up in Juneau, Alaska, Carlos Boozer won a Gold Medal in the 2008 Summer Olympics, he plays basketball in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls, he also won the NCAA men's division I Basketball Championship in 2001 at Duke University.
Scott Gomez-Scott Gomez was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1979, he was the first Native Alaskan to play in the NHL, he played for the New Jersey Devils, the New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadians amassing over 600 NHL points, Scott Gomez still plays hockey for the Montreal Canadians in the NHL.
Richard Harris-was not born in Alaska, but he is very important to the history of Alaska, Richard Harris is the Co-founder of Juneau, Alaska, along with Joe Juneau, Richard Harris struck it rich in gold in Juneau, Alaska
Joe Juneau- Joe Juneau was the co-founder of Juneau, Alaska, he struck it rich in gold with Richard Harris, he was known to spend gold as fast as he found it, he stayed in Alaska and opened a store in Dawson, Joe Juneau developed Pneumonia and died, he was buried in the placed that was named after him Juneau, Alaska, his uncle founded Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Austin Lathrop-Austin Lathrop was not born in Alaska, but is very important to the history of Alaska. He is the first self-made millionaire who was from Alaska, he was an outspoken opponent of Alaska becoming a state, Austin Lathrop was born in 1865 and died in 1950, he served in the Alaskan Territorial House of Representatives, and he industrialized Alaska.
Ray Mala-Ray Mala was born in Candle, Alaska in 1906, he was the most prolific film star who was a Native Alaskan, he starred in the Academy Award winning movie Eskimo/Mala The Magnificent, Ray Mala died in 1952
Margaret Murie-Margaret Murie was also not born in Alaska, she moved to Fairbanks, Alaska (with her family) when she was five years old, she is called the Grandmother of the Conservation Movement, she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Clinton just before her 100th birthday, she lived to be 1010 years old
Sarah Palin-Sarah Palin was not born in Alaska, but was the first female Governor of Alaska, she was chosen by John McCain to run in the Presidential campaign as his running mate, they lost, but she gained national fame. Although Sarah Palin was not born in Alaska, her family moved to Alaska when she was an infant, she is also a best-selling author and a member of the Republican Party
Elizabeth Peratrovich-Elizabeth Peratrovich was born inPetersburg, Alaska in 1911, she was an important civil rights activist, she was the force behind Alaska's Anti-Discrimination Act of 1945
Virgil F. Partch-Virgil Partch was born in Saint Paul Island, Alaska in 1916, he is the most prominent gag cartoonists of the 1940's and 1950's, he worked for Disney Studios for four years, he also did gag cartoons for the New Yorker Magazine, was a cartoonist for the army during World War II
Howard Rock-Howard Rock was born in Point Hope, Alaska in 1911, He founded the Tundra Times, he was also instrumental in getting the Alaska Native Claim Settlement Act passed, his efforts prevented the Atomic energy commission from conducting nuclear tests in Point Hope, Alaska, he was also an artist, Howard Rock died in 1976
Curt Schilling-Curt Schilling was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1966. He was a pitcher in MLB, his career record is 216-146, he won the World Series three times in 2001, 2004 and 2007 and was World Series MVP in 2001.
Steve Smith (New York Giants)-Steve Smith was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1985, he is a wide receiver in the NFL with the New York Giants, he played college football at USC
There are a some cool famous people from Alaska. Alaska is a unique state because many of the famous people from Alaska were not born in Alaska. Those same people are some of the most important people from the great state of Alaska. They did things to make them famous to the place they loved to call home, Alaska.
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