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15 Famous People From Idaho

Idaho is a beautiful place where many famous people are from. These are fifteen famous people who are from the beautiful state called Idaho. This is a new series about famous people who were born or from particular states. The part of the series will be famous people from Idaho. These are not all the famous people who were born or from Idaho. These 15 famous people from Idaho were chosen at my discretion and every one of them was actually born or lived most of their lives in Idaho. Remember, the capital of Idaho is Boise.
Harmon Killebrew-Harmon Killebrew was born in Payette, Idaho in 1936 and he passed in 2011. Harmon Killebrew was a Hall of Fame first baseman/left fielder/third baseman for the Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins. Harmon Killebrew was one of the most feared homerun hitters of the 1960's, hitting 40 homeruns in eight different MLB seasons. Killebrew ended his MLB career with 573 hrs. Harmon Killebrew died from cancer in 2011.
Joe Albertson-Joe Albertson was born in Oklahoma in 1907 and he passed in 1993. His family moved to Caldwell Idaho when he was three and he died in Boise, Idaho. Joe Albertson became a grocery store clerk when he was out of work and opened his own grocery store in 1939. The rest is history. He built Albertson's into a large supermarket chain, which now has stores throughout the United States. He also donated time and money to his former college, which in 1991 was renamed Albertson College in his honor.
Picabo Street-Picabo Street was born in Triumph, Idaho in 1971. Picabo Street took the silver medal in downhill at the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer and the gold medal in the Super-G at the 1998 Olympics in Nagano. Picabo Street was inducted into the National Ski Hall of Fame in 2004.
Lana Turner-Lana Turner was born in Wallace, Idaho in 1921 and she passed in 1995. Lana Turner became a famous movie actress during the Golden Age of Hollywood. She signed a movie contract, but was required to change her name which was Julia Jean Mildred Frances Turner. She chose the name "Lana." Some of her more well-known movies include: "Johnny Eager" (1942),"Ziegfeld Girl" (1941), "The Postman Always Rings Twice" (1946), and "The Bad and The Beautiful" (1953).
Gutzon Borglum-Gutzon Borglum was born near Bear Lake in St. Charles, Idaho to pioneer parents who emigrated from Denmark. Gutzon Borglum passed in 1941. He was a sculptor whose most well-known work is the Mount Rushmore Memorial, which depicts four U.S. Presidents (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt) carved into the mountainside of South Dakota's Black Hills. A large bust of Abraham Lincoln by Borglum is on display in the U.S. Capitol.
Jon Huntsman Sr.-John Huntsman Sr. was born in Blackfoot, Idaho in 1937. He is the greatest and most successful entrepreneur from the state of Idaho. Jon Huntsman Sr. is the founder of the Huntsman Corporation. He is the father of former united States Ambassador to China and former Governor of Utah John Huntsman, Jr. He is a good friend of conservative talk show host Glenn Beck.
Philo T. Farnsworth-Philo T. Farnsworth was born in Beaver, Utah in 1906 and he passed in 1971. Philo T. Farnsworth was an American inventor and television pioneer. he is best known for inventing the first fully functional all-electronic image pickup device (video camera tube), the "image dissector", the first fully functional and complete all-electronic television system, and for being the first person to demonstrate such a system to the public
Sacagawea-Sacagawea was born near Salmon, Idaho in 1790 and she passed in 1884, she was a Lemhi Shoshone woman, who accompanied the Lewis and Clark Expedition, acting as an interpreter and guide, in their exploration of the Western United States. She traveled thousands of miles from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean between 1804 and 1806. The Sacagawea Dollar was designed and made in her honor.
George "Pappy" Boyington- George "Pappy" Boyington was born in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in 1912 and he passed in 1988. Colonel Boyington USMC was an American fighter ace who flew the Vought Corsair during World War II. Boyington served as the commander of the Black Sheep Squadron, and received the Medal of Honor for his valor. Boyington shot down 26 planes before being shot down himself, and spending the final 20 months of World War II as a prisoner in Japan
Ezra Pound-Ezra Pound was born in Hailey, Idaho in 1885 and passed in 1972. Ezra Pound was a Poet, musician, and critic.
Jake Plummer-Jake Plummer was born in Boise, Idaho in 1974 and was an NFL QB for the Arizona Cardinals and the Denver Broncos; he retired in 2007 after being traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jake Plummer still lives in Idaho with his wife; he was good friends with Pat Tillman
Larry Wilson-Larry Wilson was born in Rigby, Idaho in 1938. He was a Hall of Fame free-safety for the St. Louis Cardinals and then became a coach in the NFL. He was an executive for the Arizona Cardinals from 1994-2002 as their VP
Paul Revere Dick-Paul Revere Dick was born in Harvard, NE in 1938 and was raised in Caldwell, Idaho. Paul Revere Dick was the founder of the 1960s rock band, Paul Revere and the Raiders, which initially started in Boise. The group enjoyed success with hits like "Indian Reservation" (1971), "Steppin' Out" (1965), and "Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon" (1969).
Lillian Disney-Lillian Disney was born in Spalding, Idaho in 1899 and she passed in 1997. Lillian Disney Was the wife of Walt Disney. She was married to him from 1925 until his death in 1966.
Sarah Palin-Sarah Palin was born in Sandpoint, Idaho in 1964. She was elected the 9th governor of Alaska in November 2006 by defeating the incumbent governor in the Republican primary and then defeating a former two-term Democratic governor in the general election. She is the first female governor of Alaska and the youngest person elected governor. Palin was the Republican Party's vice-presidential nominee for the 2008 United States presidential election together with Senator John McCain, which was won by Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Joe Biden. She was the second female candidate and the first Alaskan candidate of either major party, as well as the first female vice-presidential nominee of the Republican Party.
Idaho Fact: Ernest Hemingway was not born in Idaho, but he committed suicide in Ketchum, Idaho in 1961.
Idaho is a state where many famous people are from. Idaho is where Alaskan governor Sarah Palinwas born. Lillian Disney came from Idaho and she married into the Disney family. Medal of Honor winner, George "Pappy" Boyington was born in Idaho and he commanded the Black Sheep Squadron in WWII. These are some of the 15 most famous people from the state of Idaho. Idaho is famous for those big delicious Idaho potatoes.

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