Saturday, April 7, 2012

Put A Little Spice In Your Life

My wife is Filipino and she loves to buy spices.She has jars of the stuff all over the house. I decided it was time to organize our kitchen, so I ordered her a spice rack to store all of her spices. I checked the spice racks out to find the one that fit our kitchen and my wife. I was amazed at how many choices we had and how cool they were. I was sure my wife would love her new spice rack.

The spice rack came to our house about five days after I ordered it. It was even nicer than it looked on the website where I ordered it. I set the spice rack up for my wife and I put all of her spices into their places. I wanted to make sure it was ready for my wife when she came home from work. It took a little work for me to hand up the wall spice rack, but it was worth it. It really looked good in our kitchen and now we had a place for all of my wife's spices.

When my wife arrived home from work, I took her into the kitchen. She didn't notice the spice rack at first, but when she did, her eyes lighted up. She smiled and ran over to the spice rack to get a look. She asked me where I got the wall spice rack and told me how nice it was. I was happy because my wife is really a picky person. Maybe it is time you too put a little spice in your life.

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