Friday, April 20, 2012

A Happer Nappers Happy Review

I was sent a Happy Napper for my daughter. We were sent Bungalow to Ladybug. I made the mistake of telling my child before it was sent and she bugged me every day when the mailman came. Luckily for me, the Happy Napper arrived quickly. My five year old daughter Khloe's face lit up when we opened the package.
We were also sent the cute little Happy Napper bear that sings the Happy Napper song. The bear is very cute, but the song does get annoying after you hear it a thousand or more times.
As you can see by the pics, both my children love the Happy Napper and the Happy Napper bear.
As you can see, the Happy Napper is a pillow and you can change it into a cute little stuffed animal. My children love it because it is cute and they make it a part of their favorite stuffed animals + they sleep with the Happy Napper.
You can buy Happy Nappers at their official website, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, eBay, etc. They are reasonable at $14.19 and your kids will love them too.
It is always great to have a sleeping toy, that is two toys in one. Your children sleep on the pillow, play with the stuffed animal and sing along with the singing Happy Napper bear. I wonder how many of thousands of times that bear can really sing.
Thank You Happy Nappers people for sending us this great toy...... We Love It!

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