Friday, April 13, 2012

Planning My Trip From Orlando To New York

I decided to take a trip to New York and it was much cheaper from Orlando than it was from Tampa. I only live eighty miles from the Orlando airport and it was worth the three hundred dollars I would save to go there to begin my trip to New York. I had no idea about the parking situation in the Orlando airport, so I decided to make a search for orlando airport parking on the internet. I am glad I made the search because I will save even more on my trip thanks to the reasonable parking rates I found.

Flying from Tampa is more expensive and the parking rates are outrageous. The rates I found for orlando airport parking really made my day. When I return to Tampa in two weeks, I will have saved over four hundred dollars on my vacation. This is why it is important to make a search online before you go on vacation. Some airports are cheaper to fly to certain parts of the country. Other airports have cheaper parking rates. This time I saved money on both the parking and the flight.

Tampa has a great airport, but the parking rates are too much. I like to check out the surround airports when I fly to see if I can save some money. This time I hit the jackpot because I decided to fly from Orlando instead of Tampa. I am excited about my trip to New York now because I have an extra four hundred dollars to spend.

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