Friday, April 13, 2012

Just For Men AutoStop Hair Color Review

I was sent Just For Men AutoStop hair color in five different colors; Medium brown, dark brown, jet black, real black and light brown. I used the dark brown because it was the best color for my hair. I am forty-seven and I have a bunch of gray spots in my hair.

Just For Men Autostop Hair Color - Medium Brown.Opens in a new window

I have never used hair coloring, so this was new to me. All you had to do was open the package and comb it through your hair. You wait ten minutes until you take a shower. You shower and use shampoo to clean your hair. You wash your hair until all of the color is gone from the shower water. This was very easy to do which was very helpful to me. I did notice slight burning in my scalp and Just For Men AutoStop was a little messy for a beginner. My wife tells me this is normal with hair colors. The best part is my hair looks good and normal, the gray is gone.

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