Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Vampire's Rise By VMK Fewings Review

VMK Fewings sent me her Stone Masters Vampire Series (3 books) signed and personalized so I can review them. The first book is called A Vampire's Rise and I just completed reading it. The book began in the 1400's with Orpheus as the main character. He was attacked and stabbed through with a sword, the rest of his family was also attacked and left for dead. A vampire Sunaria gave Orpheus the choice to become a vampire and he agreed to eternal life.

The rest of the book was about Orpheus, his rise as a vampire and his relationship with Sunaria. The book spanned 100's of years and the story was very interesting. If you like vampire books, this book is a real page turner. I love vampire books myself, but I don't enjoy too much romance. There was romance in A Vampire's Rise, but only enough to add to the story and the relationship between Sunaria and Orpheus.

Another interesting part of this book was Orpheus himself. He was a vampire who was rising, but also a man full of emotion. He worried about what was happening with his son and he did everything he could to make his son's life as normal as possible. He loved Sunaria deeply, but still had to put her in her place a time or two.

There was history within the book and there are the Stone Masters. The Stone Masters had a job, this job was to rid the world of vampires. Orpheus had conversations with the leader, mutual respect and eventually had to take care of the leader and many of his followers. The Vampire's Rise gets your lips wet and ready for the next two books in the series. I loved the book and I look forward to the next two books in the series. You can buy The Vampire's Rise on VMK Fewings website, Amazon and all over the web. Buy it, Read it, Enjoy it....

VMK Fewings is a British novelist living in California. She is the author of the Stone Masters Vampire Series of books. Fewings has travelled extensively throughout the world while serving as an Officer in the Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps. She is currently co-authoring a romantic comedy novel with plans to return to her popular vampire series to pen the fourth installment.

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