Saturday, April 7, 2012

It'sTime To Change My Cable Company To A More Reliable Source

I saw an advertisement on television for direct tv the other day. The as showed me that my local cable company was now outdated. Bright House used to give us good deals, but not anymore. They used to have good customer service, but not anymore. I was so frustrated with our local cable company that I wanted to call up another cable company immediately.

A few months ago, Bright House changed their equipment and the trouble began. Our internet kept going down and Bright House had to send their people out to our house two to three times a week. The television did not work right and the telephone always seemed to have a buzz to it. To make matters worse, our cable bill went up by forty bucks a month. Maybe it was time for me to call dx3 direct tv.

I went to to take a look at Direct TV. They had all of the television channels I needed for a much better price than Bright House. The only thing I worried about was reliability because my Bright Houses services were becoming more unreliable by the minute. I haven't decided on the change yet, but I am leaning closer and closer to Direct TV and their great service.

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