Thursday, April 19, 2012

Now Is The Time To Invest In Short Sales

I have noticed a ton of short sales in Florida over the past two years. An incredible amount of people need to get rid of their homes fast for one reason or another. Often the person is upside down in their house and they just want to get rid of it before they lose too much money. I thought it was just Florida homeowners who were losing their houses until we decided to take a trip to Las Vegas.

We took a drive in the Las Vegas area because I had never been there and I wanted to see more than just casinos. I was amazed when I saw short sale Las Vegas all over the place. The people in Las Vegas were obviously having the same problems with housing as we have in Florida. I checked the newspaper for las vegas short sale and they were numerous. I was a bit depressed seeing how many people were having to sell their houses, but situations like this are good for people who want to invest. If you are an investor, this is the time to invest in short sales.

The housing area of our economy has fallen apart for many reasons, but it is a good investment opportunity. It would be cool to buy a house that was worth a quarter of a million dollars for fifty or sixty thousand dollars. I have seen these types of opportunities all over the place. I actually have friends looking into short sales in Florida and Nevada,  they have already picked up a few houses. If you have the cash, this is the time to invest in the housing market.

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