Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Home Energy Auditors Tell Me How To Fix My Problem

I had somebody knock on my door the other day. They told me they were home energy auditors. I never heard of that type of business, so I asked them what their job title meant. They told me they come into my house and check out my insulation and find out what needs to be changed for me to save energy. I thought this was interesting especially because I noticed warm air leaking into my house from the outside. The person told me they checked out my house at no cost to me.

They came back a week later and check out my house. They had me walk around with them, so they could show me what they found. I showed them where the warm air was leaking into my house and they told me about some options for the problem. They walked through my entire house and gave me some home energy efficiency tips. Their tips were good and it did not cost me a dime for their tips.

They gave me some phone numbers for a couple of home insulation contractors who could fix my insulation problem. They even gave me a couple of free gifts when they left. They were nice people and they gave me a bunch of valuable tips on how to save on the energy bills in my home. I called the contractors, got some prices and set up an appointment to fix my problem. I already notice the difference and I am sure I will be saving money on my electricity bill. I really appreciate the job the home energy auditors did for me.

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