Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Does Your Company Have A Data Problem?

ServiceSource International is global management company for business subscription renewals. It is just one of many companies that specialize in growing revenue for their customers. By leveraging "big data," these companies help businesses retain their customers and increase their profits. Their automated services and cloud applications can increase renewal rates by up to fifteen percentage points. 

Companies lose billions of dollars a year due to their customer churn rate, a term that describes the amount of customers or subscribers who cut ties with a company during a given time period. Subscription management companies provide effective renewal management solutions to help businesses keep customers and plug revenue leaks.

Through a number of managed services, businesses can effectively consolidate and manage their renewals data. The professional teams at companies like ServiceSource provide implementation services, data management, technical support and education services. They act on the customer's behalf to identify problem areas and capture more revenue.

Cloud application packages typically include products like renewal-ready databases, processing automation, metrics and analytics. Management services include data services, research and enablement services and sales teams. All of these management teams work closely with their customers to set up and maintain renewal management solutions that maximize revenue.

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